PAM 2009 will provide student travel grants to encourage student participation. All students are eligible to apply for the student travel grant whether an author of a paper or not. The grant will cover flight, registration, and lodging with an upper limit of US$2,000. Requests for travel grants should comprise the following information:
  • Your resume
  • A short statement indicating if you are an author of a full paper or plan to participate at a student workshop
  • Your research interests
  • Your advisor (or a faculty contact if you do not yet have an advisor) should submit a letter of recommendation, confirming that you are in good standing at your University, and commenting on the strengths and potential contributions of the student. The advisor letter should be emailed. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the advisor’s email is provided.

Send the above information (either in text or PDF) to both Sue Moon and Renata Teixeira.

Deadline for application is February 6th, 2009. Award notification should be made by February 13th, 2009.