The deadline for registering title, authors and abstracts is September 24th, 2008 (16:59 MEST).

The deadline for submitting papers is October 1st, 2008 (23:59 PDT).

The deadline for final, camera-ready copies is January 14th, 2009 (23:59 GMT).


The information for authors can be found at Springer LNCS. On the "Consent to Publish" form, for the "Volume Editor" please put "Renata Teixeira and Steve Uhlig". We will need all the source files and a pdf of your paper as well as the signed copyright (scanned). When all is assembled, create a zip file with the required files. You can download the copyright form from the Springer LNCS link above. Please make sure to include all source files as we will need to recompile your paper.

Papers must not exceed 10 pages (4 pages for demo abstracts). Do not adjust the formatting (negative vspace, for instance) as Springer will undo these changes before the final printing, making your paper longer than the page limit. Your paper will then not be printed in the final proceedings.


Use the paper submission site to register a paper, submit a paper for review and submit your final zip file.

To submit your final zip file, click on the "Paper" tab, then click on the "Edit Paper". You should then see a "Browse" button that lets you select your zip file. After selecting your zip file, click on the "Submit final copy" button at the bottom of the page.